Why choose Softillion?

About us Above all, Softillion comprises of "Positive, Purposeful People that are Proactive, Productive and Persistent"

We combine business and Fintech to cultivate industry leaders. We specialise in Financial Technology, offering off-the-shelf and custom solutions.



IT and Business Specialists


Countries in and across Africa


Above all, Softillion comprises of “Positive, Purposeful People that are Proactive, Productive and Persistent” Commitments (Integrity, Performance and Excellence)
  • Integrity: trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers and our suppliers
  • Performance and excellence: we value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions
Quality and value of services
  • We bring value through quality of our services and our competitively priced products and models

Our Services

Lets Collaborate

We welcome collaboration in order to define a winning relationship for both the short and long term. We don’t just showcase you a basket of offerings, rather we seek first to understand your goals and then advise on the best fit-for-purpose.

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Consulting Services

We have a complement of around 126 skilled IT resources. The range of expertise in the are as follows: Management Resources, Project Resources (Program / Project Managers / Scrum Masters, UX / UI Designers to Senior Developers) and Operational Resources

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Software Solutions

We offer both Off-the-shelf Fintech solutions, as well as custom configuration and development. Our range of expertise is in Financial services, such as banking, payments and insurance enterprise systems.

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More than 15 Years
of Experience in Fintech

223 projects
127 skills
10+ bluechip
96% client
satisfaction rate

Why choose the right
IT Partner?

IN A MARKET FULL OF IT BUSINESSES, how does one choose a company that is reliable and affordable, but professional enough to make your growing business a success? “It’s imperative you find an IT partner who knows business and IT if you plan on growing, We recommend you find the answers to these four questions to help you select the right IT partner.

Are they trying to sell IT products or are they actually trying
to grow your business? Their purpose and drive should be to
make your business a success by using the right IT, not to see
how many websites or mobile apps they can build in a given
period. This will tell you what their daily intent is and will help
you forecast the future interactions you’ll have with them.
You can gauge this by looking at their values or mission and
their past customer interactions.

In this IT age we underestimate the power of human
interaction. Knowing your IT partner face-to-face and
knowing things like their physical location and landline
number, are key characteristics that show they’re
professional. accountable and responsible. as thev don’t have
a concealed identity like fly-by-night operations.

When choosing a reliable partner, consider their commitment
to you and your business. Will they be available to assist you
with a problem at 3:00am or will they place your call on hold
indefinitely? What is their service level agreement with you?
It’s critical that your IT partner values your business and
won’t discard you at a peak point in vour financial vear. You
believe your business is world-class and therefore you should
have world-class partners that will attend to your needs, no
matter what time of the dav.

What is their interaction with you as a customer? Everyone
wants and demands professional and helpful customer
service. Are you treated in a way you’re satisfied with? Do
they talk over vour head and throw in IT argon to confuse
you? Or do they take the time to help you understand what
the jargon means? Ask your IT partner and their existing
clients questions that will help you establish how they can
reallv help vour business, if at all.

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