“One day you will look back

and see that all along you were blooming.”

Let me help you realize this, support you

and make you BLOOM.

meet benita

I am a Student Journey Mentor.

I am Benita Swart. I am a passionate, energetic and motivated individual, with 15 years of experience working with students and youth.

I am a mother, an educationist, a credentialled Mentor, and an accredited Enneagram and Prosci Change Management practitioner. I am also an expert Brand Strategist and an holistic health enthusiast and avid traveller.

I hold a Master’s in Business Leadership and a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, an honors in Business Management and degree in Marketing and Communication.

I recently conducted formal academic research regarding Generation Z aged 16 – 25 regarding their student journey and gained formal insights into their challenges and how I can support students.

what i do

I have a passion for changing mindsets to become resilient, support students to find their purpose, incorporate their meaningful aspirations into their student journey and help build their future careers and purposeful adventures along their journey.

What drives me is seeing others grow and develop. I aim to guide students to thrive, complete their qualification, change their mindset and add meaning in all that the student pursue.

professional experience

As the previous Principal and Head of Academics of Vega School I was critically involved in and committed to ensuring that the required support and intervention strategies are in place to create an environment which will allow students to thrive and achieve greater student success and complete the qualification they enrolled in. Learning and development, student support and well-being as my core focus areas in the tertiary education sector allowed to me gain experience and insight into the Student Journey.

I also have extensive experience in management and leadership, HR management, corporate shared services, learning and development in the tertiary education sector. I have a passion for managing for results, being an adaptive strategic leader and diversity and inclusion transformation and change management. People are at the core of everything and developing a culture of empathy, creativity and productivity and learning will result in increased happiness and drive.

I was the Marketing and Brand Manager for a corporate company and was the Head Brand Strategist lecturer for 4 years at Vega School for the undergrad and post-grad students. I have a passion for internal branding and personal branding specifically and presented a workshop called Brand me to high school students.

can i help you bloom?

Are you worried or experiencing the following:

  • Unsure about what to study in the next year/s?
  • Do you want to feel more confident, positive and be more resilient?
  • Do you want to overcome the fears about your future and negative thinking about the years ahead in your twenties?
  • Do you feel demotivated, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed in your Studies and life?
  • Are you not coping with your studies as a new 1st year student?
  • Are you Final year students who feels unsure about how to approach the process of getting employed?
  • Do you want to know yourself better and build a strong personal brand with which to shine in the world?
  • Are you unsure about your life’s puropose and searching for more?
  • Do you want to grow your relationships to be more positive and bloom?

when can i help you?

School learners Aged 16 – 18 considering studying further

1st year students entering Higher Education for the 1st time

Students (age of 18 -25) completing Higher Certificates, Degrees, or Honours qualifications

Final year students worried with gaining employment after graduation

how to help you bloom?



(Personality Type Assessment with the focus on: Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, Motivation, Behaviour and Resilience)


Career guidance

(Career Anchor assessment and education providers research)


Learn how to learn

(Learn how to study effectively)


Personal Brand

(Co-Create a personal brand blueprint using the archetypes)


Holistic Health Practices

(Breathwork, reflexologists, role-playing with a wellness focus)

The approach to make you Bloom

change management and enneagram

I believe in using the principles of change management and the Enneagram assessment to create a new mindset in student to ensure they thrive during their years of studying.


The focus will be to use the Enneagram report to foster self-awareness, self-reflection, cultivative empathy and creativity, and openness which will improve drive, emotional intelligence, resilience and increase happiness

brand building

I will co-create a strong personal brand with every student using Brand Archetypes to develop a clear, unique and authentic identity for their “Brand as a Person.”

Holistic health focused

I have a strong belief in referring students to incorporate various physical and mental health practices, which could include breathwork, reflexology, functional doctors, yoga practices, educational psychologists, theatre work, and other holistic practices which aim to improve students’ overall health and creates new energy and copying mechanisms.

accreditations and partnerships



Learning how to learn youth



Total launch costs R 40 500


R25 000 (Training and accreditation)


R3000 (Website)


R6000 (Signage & Window vinyl)


R5000 (Membership & 3 year Credentials

paid media

R1500 inital paid media to gain awareness

Contact me today to help you:

To create a resilient mindset
To find your purpose in your studies
To co-create meaning aspirations during your student journey
To help build your future career
To help envision purposeful adventures along your journey